Yourgut - Coming Soon!

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About us

  We at Ethica Planet Foods are a small independent organic food start-up based in Tullamore, Ireland. We believe that good food should be produced in a way that respects our Earth, its ecosystems and its creatures.

We set out to develop the tastiest plant-based yogurt made from sustainably sourced ingredients in order to reduce our environmental impact. Since oats have a long tradition in the Irish diet and are readily available, we thought — why not use them? We worked hard, experimented a lot and are proud to finally introduce our naturally fermented Yourgut!

Our Products

Natural Aura


  Try the natural Yourgut flavour — naturally sweet, light and slightly tart. It contains essential amino acids to kick-start your day. Add it to your granola, porridge and smoothies or use in vegan baking, dips, sauces, dressings… the possibilities are endless!

Coconut Chocolate


 Our “Coconut Chocolate” flavour is perfect for all the chocoholics out there. The milk-chocolate flavour combined with the natural sweetness of our Yourgut makes this the ideal healthy treat to satisfy your cravings. Go ahead — indulge! 

Caramel Chia


Get off the beaten path and try our “Caramel Chia” flavour. Without adding any sugar, we combined the power of oats with nutrient-packed chia seeds to provide you with a balanced treat. 


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Managing Director

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Sales Director Western Europe

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Sales Director Eastern Europe

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